Bit-Empowered Experience Design


Every project is unique. Companies have different needs.

A successful design process requires the right tool at the right time.

Agile & User Centered

Agile and User-centered culture are the foundations to align your organization to shared design principles that foster innovation.

Research & Strategy

By understanding users and business model, we quickly get the big picture to deliver world class digital experiences.

Quick Iterative

Fast iterations, side by side with you. From whiteboard sketches to detailed prototypes. The idea becomes a Story.


Feasibility is important. We validate the design with engineers and users to address edge cases or usability issues.

Multi Dimensional

A great UI is the tip of the iceberg. The design is about a live experience across the web, socials, apps and physical interactions in the real World.


Design helps you testing hypotheses in the real World, building internal momentum around a product idea, pitching to investors, and serving as a “living” reference for your development team.


Training sessions, Workshops and Courses about User-Centered and Digital Experience Design can be tailored to your organization or project needs.


The next tool is coming soon. I am learning and building new tools, improving current for a better design service.


Design, Music, Engineering.

I graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2005. The study of electromagnetic fields and waves opened the doors in imagining and representing real World things that are invisible and untouchable. This is a primary skill for a digital experience designer: abstraction, collection and idea communication.

Music and Musical instruments have been always part of my life. I play Keyboards and Synthesizers. I love designing new musical instruments or services, applying design thinking and agile approach to the Music Industry.

Customers & Business Partners

Here a shortlist of current and previous customers and business partners:

MindMusicLabs (Stockholm - Sweden), Korg Italy (Osimo -Italy) , ROLI (London - UK), Wizdom Music (New York - USA), MoForte (Mountain View, CA - USA), GNV&Partners (Santarcangelo di Romagna - Italy), Poliarte Design School (Ancona -Italy), Fatar (Recanati - Italy), Audio Modeling (Sovico - Italy), Studiologic (Recanati -Italy), Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" (Roma -Italy).


from Clients, Team Mates and business Partners


Shortlist of design projects I can disclose publicly.

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